Type of horses and their benefits to ride Horse Riding Cusco

Horses and Benefits Cusco

Benefits of riding a horse

There are many physical benefits of horse riding, which is why we chose to add this program to our company tours. Being so close to such a large graceful animal shows people to respect and love animals. If you have ridden a horse before, surely you can remember the first time

  • It improves vertical and horizontal equilibrium, improves motor coordination and helps tone muscles

  • Psychological benefits of horse riding give way to a sensation of overall wellness, improved immune system, sense of security and learning to trust

  • It can also be educational to ride a horse, giving your memory better attention and concentration.


  • Improved vertical and horizontal balance

  • Regulates muscle tone

  • Acquire better motor coordination

  • Riding astride sitting equivalent to walking


  • General feeling of wellbeing

  • Improves self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Develops perseverance and the fact conveys more safety ride

  • Helps to lose the fear (children)


  • Improves attention and concentration

  • Improve temporo-spatial domain

  • Promotes pre-operational thought


  • The attitude can develop respect the responsibility, perseverance and love for animals

  • The positive attitude that the rider has acquired to him/herself, provides greater family and social integration.


  • Dealing with the horses and the contact with nature helps to achieve perfect physical and mental balance. Physical fitness and muscle tone is achieved, and feel better.

Peruvian Paso Horse

To gallop once in a while is good for any horse. It releases stress and improves suppleness. Without doubt there are other breeds that are faster at a gallop than the Peruvian horse, but speed has never been the essence of our breed. We are proud to have the ‘Rolls Royce’ of horses; smooth, luxurious and comfortable.

The Peruvian Paso horse or Paso Llano is a four-beat lateral gait of medium speed that provides a ride of incomparable smoothness and harmony of movement along with the utmost ground-covering ability. The Paso Llano is the preferred gait amongst Peruvian horsemen and the trademark of the Peruvian Paso horse. The Paso Llano, the term derived from Paso (step) and Castellano (Castile, historical region in Spain).

A well- trained Peruvian Paso horse that is well-collected can easily be ridden and guided with both reins in one hand. The use of soft hands is essential in our riding style. The relatively thick reins may feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but it is not the reins that enable one to feel the horse’s mouth, it is the soft hands of the rider.

Criollo horses

They are perfect for the Andean terrain and are strong horses, they can travel long distances, support changing climates. They can withstand weight up 90kl.Used in communities to transport goods, persons, equine specimens brought to America were not selected for breeding horses, were rustic and brave horses used for work in Spain. There was no real license to export horses, except for gifts from kings to other European rulers of the fifteenth and sixteenth century, as the horses used for training Lepizzaner.

Until reproduced in abundance, the horses brought to America had a very high cost because of their great practical and tactical value since its initial scarcity.

The first horse entered the territory of Argentina with the first Spanish conquerors in the Nord Stream from the "Input Spanish Diego de Almagro" in 1535 who made it through Peru and Alto Peru, and almost immediately the port Buenos Aires and former Spanish territories, now held in Brazil.

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